about us

WealthFX is a financial trading information and education service designed to help aspiring retail traders gain a better understanding of the financial markets.

It was formed by a small team of retail traders who have an unwavering thirst for building steady, sustainable wealth in a sensible fashion and more to the point, gaining the freedom wealth gives in allowing you to live life on your own terms.

There is nothing more valuable than the ability to choose what you do with your time.

There are many firms offering similar or related products and services to WealthFX, many of these firms and the traders who run them are self-taught, and so were we, until we realised the importance of a formal trading education. Our traders have all attended and completed professional trading education in the City of London, with a provider whose courses are endorsed by none other than the London School of Economics.

Nothing pays dividends like a formal education.

Having gained vital knowledge, further experience and contacts we now want to help others overcome what can be a frustrating journey towards consistent profits in the Forex & Commodity Futures markets. We have worked hard to try and cater for those who want to trade full time as well as those who have a career and are just looking to create an additional tax free income for themselves.  

About Our Signal Services

WealthFX has put together two professional signal services which cater for two very diverse types of trader. We have our intra-day, real-time, fast pasted service called InFocus, providing between 1-10 signals a day within a small section of asset classes, ranging from Forex to commodities and even Govt. Bonds. InFocus is designed for traders who wish to follow our trades real time as active market participants.

To find out more about our professional intra-day signal service, InFocus please click here.

Our second professional signal service is called TrendFocus and as the name dictates this service is about following long term trends. This service is ideal for those that have a job or are following a career but wish to create a secondary income. The signals are made available on a Monday morning, before the European markets open and can be set up on a 'set and forget' basis. It really should only take you a few minutes to set your trades up for the coming week. This is a long-term wealth building vehicle and should be treated as such, looking at profits over a longer time frame of months and years rather than day and weeks.

To find out more about our professional long term trend following signal service, visit the TrendFocus section of our website.

About Our Trading Courses

WealthFX has developed 4 different trading courses, three of which are only available in the UK. This is because, uniquely, we bring the trading course to you. We are happy to come to your place of work, your home or even your hotel to teach. We feel that it is important that you are completely comfortable in your surroundings to get the very best from the time spent with our traders.

The forth course, is designed as a distance learning programme, so that anyone from around the world can take advantage of our courses and on-going mentorship.

Learn more about our Forex & Commodity Trading courses.

About WealthFX Membership

Our membership service is the ultimate in elite Forex & Commodity trading membership. Included within the membership is access both of our signal services, online tuition, videos, articles, access to daily premium research materials, extra discounts on current and further products and services not to mention exclusive access to WealthFX events and parties on a VIP basis.

The WealthFX membership also gives you the opportunity of being considered for our trading mastermind group which meets twice yearly, in an undisclosed location to discuss all things trading, wealth, health and financial freedom, this mastermind group is strictly available on an invite only basis.

Learn more about WealthFX Membership.