Forex & Commodity Trading Courses

Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve your knowledge, WealthFX have a course that will help you become consistently profitable trader.

There is a lot to learn, and trying to teach a complete beginner in one hit is just not practical. Therefore, we have designed three different courses to cater for the complete beginner to those with around a year or so's experience.

We like to keep things simple, so we have simply named our three courses as follows:  

WealthFX Beginner
WealthFX Intermediate
WealthFX Advanced

WealthFX Beginner - £797.00

This is our entry level course, designed for those with little to no knowledge of the markets but looking to build the right foundations to trade upon. Ideally suited to those looking to trade as a second income or hobby.

What do we cover on this 1 day course?

A full and comprehensive introduction to trading the Forex Markets.
Brokers, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - We will help you open your account on the day.
Basic candlestick patters and how to correct identify them.
An understanding of support and resistance and how to use them effectively when trading.
How the news effects the financial markets
Money Management - Risk/Reward and why this is so important.
An introduction to Trading Psychology
How to place your first trade.

If you wish to participate in the one day course, one of our experience traders will arrange a convenient date and time to visit you at your home, the office or even a hotel.

Prior to you one day course, you will be asked to prepare by reading two books and by studying the premium research materials that will be emailed to you each day.

On the day of your course, our trader will arrive with you at 9am and spend the entire day with you, until 7pm. This is a total of 10hrs that you will have on a 1-2-1 basis to soak up as much information as possible and ask as many questions as you feel necessary.

Following on from the one day course, we don't leave you out in the cold. You are invited to become a WealthFX Member, trade live with us in the chatroom alongside other members and continue your journey towards becoming a profitable full time trader.

In summary, the WealthFX beginner one day course is designed to equip you with the foundations required to start trading.

More in-depth information is available for those interested in the one day course by emailing, or by calling 0203 637 9778.

WealthFX Intermediate - £1997.00

Our intermediate course has shown to be great to assist those who already have a basic understand on trading the financial markets, or indeed assist complete beginners towards a more advanced stage of understanding. This is an intense course, taking place over 3 days which has been designed to cover a vast amount of information backed up by a comprehensive trading manual and importantly, life-time trader support.

In the Intermediate course, we cover:

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A full and comprehensive guide to the Forex & Commodity markets
Brokers, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
We help you open an account with one or both of our preferred brokerages
Candlesticks - Basic and Intermediate patterns covered
Support, Resistance, Trendlines - how to use them and importantly how not to
Trading the news, opportunities, risks and rewards
Money Management - Risk/Reward, managing positions live, and the importance of doing so
Placing trades, when, how and when not to.
The important of economic awareness
Trading Psychology - Beginner's to Intermediate - Mind Set, Focus, Confidence, Emotion.
Intermediate Technical Analysis - The Tools of The Trade.
And much more.

If you think the WealthFX Intermediate course is for you, then we will arrange for one of our traders to visit your home, business or hotel at a time convenient to you.

On day 1 and 2 your trade will be with you for essentially all the theory work, covering the points above whilst providing you with the trading manual, allowing you a reference point to refer to at any time. On day 3, your trader will be with you for 7am sharp and will trade the markets live with you, giving you real-time experience with a trader sat by your side. It's like learning to drive with the instructor there to hit the brakes if required.

After having completed your three-day course you will be assigned a mentor who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have as you put into practice what you have been taught throughout the day. You will also be supplied with distance learning lectures and quiz's so you and your mentor can see how you are progressing and if there are any areas that need focus in terms of improvement. Your mentor will also provide you with a bespoke trading plan, a daily routine to follow and monthly trading reviews.

In addition, you will automatically become a lifetime WealthFX Member with all the benefits that offers in terms of access to materials, trading signals, a chatroom with other trades and much more.

For more information on the our Intermediate course, or to book your place please either email or call 0203 637 9778.

WealthFX Advanced - £POA

WealthFX Advanced is our most comprehensive and in-demand course. This course is delivered by our most experienced trader, designed for those with at least 1 years' experience trading. This is a 5-day course with what we believe to be the best post-course support in the industry. Due to the sheer workload involved to take on a new student on this course, we ask that only people who are serious about learning to trade get in touch.

So, what does the Advanced course cover?

A full and comprehensive introduction or refresher on the Forex, Commodity and Indices Markets.
Brokers, The Good, The Bad and the downright ugly.
Help opening broker accounts with IG Index & ETX Capital
Why to have more than 1 broker account.
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Candlestick patterns and formations
Review of understanding of support, resistance and trendlines, how they are being used and how they should be used.
How news effects the market, opportunities, risks and rewards
Advanced money management and position management.
Improving efficiency of placing trades
Trading shock news and global news events (General Elections, Brexit, etc.)
Advanced Trading Psychology - get your emotions in check.
Advanced Technical Tools and how to use them.
Understanding Fundamentals and how to trade them profitably.
An introduction to other markets including Bonds, Shares and emerging markets.
Additional software, resources and research materials to improve your trading
And much more…

If you feel the advanced course is for you, you will have the attention of our most experienced trader and profitable trader. Not only is he a great trader, he loves to teach too!

There are some additional benefits to completing this course:

All aspects of the course are fully backed up with written trading materials which you can refer to at any point.
Weekly mentoring calls for as long as you need them.
Dedicated email support from our team, again for life.
Discounts on all and any other products or services you decide to purchase from WealthFX
A FREE follow-up meeting 8 weeks after your initial course has taken place to go back over anything you feel you need more help with, to answer any questions you may have and to generally see how you are getting on.
Lifetime WealthFX Membership included in the price of the course.

We feel that what's on offer here is more than just a trading course, it's effectively lifetime support from a small group of traders who want you to succeed and build your wealth in a consistent manner. This course is designed for those who are looking to trade for a living full time. If you cannot fully dedicate yourself to trading full time, this course is not for you.

If you would like further details on any of the courses above, please email or call 0203 637 9778.