Forex Signals

WealthFX offers two professional signal services, which are both very different from one another. Depending on whether you are looking to be an active market participant or have a full-time job and are just looking for the opportunity to create a second income, will dictate which signal service is likely to be right for you.

InFocus - £97 p/m

InFocus is our intra-day, live, fast pasted signal service delivering 1-10 signals a day across a small selection of asset classes. This is ideal for traders looking to trade alongside us as active market participants on a full-time basis. Many subscribers use this service as a way or earning whilst learning as we give market commentary as to why have entered or exited a position.  

InFocus provides signals for the following markets:

E-Mini S&P500
EUR/USD Futures
GBP/USD Futures
Gold Futures
T-Note Futures
WTI Crude Oil

Signals can be delivered by email, text message, telegram, Watsapp and for WealthFX Members they will also be delivered into the chatroom. You can select as many or as little delivery methods, it is down to whatever suits your needs best.  

We will provide you with the following information:

The asset/market we are trading
Whether we are looking to go Long (buy) or go Short (sell)
The entry price we are entering the market at (on ETX Capitals platform)
Our Stop Loss price
The price where we will look to take profits.

It is also highly advisable to trade our signals using our preferred brokers for the InFocus signals, ETX Capital. Apart from them being an excellent broker, using ETX Capital means that you will experience the same spread cost and therefore your results should accurately match ours.

Learn more about opening an account by reading our ETX Capital review.

TrendFocus - £147 p/m

TrendFocus is our long-term trend/swing trading signal service. It is more suited to those who wish to be in the market on a longer-term basis (generally up to 90 days). We cover a large array of markets and asset classes and trades are posted on a weekly basis on a Monday morning. Many of our subscribers have full-time jobs and use our service to create a secondary income.

TrendFocus provides signals for the following markets:

WTI Crude Oil Futures
Brent Crude Futures
Natural Gas
Heating Oil
Various Currencies
T-Note Futures
Various Stock Indices
Gold, Silver & Copper
And many more.

Signals will be emailed to you on a Monday morning at 06:30HRS GMT and if you are a WealthFX Member, they are also available in the Members area. A further email will be sent when positions are live and indeed if any recommend any amendments to positions, managing stops etc.

You will be supplied with the following information:

The asset or market we are looking to trade
The future expiry date
Whether we are looking to go long (buy) or go short (sell)
The entry price
The stop loss price

As with the InFocus signal service, we recommend using the same broker as we do when trading these signals. For TrendFocus we recommend that you open and account with London Capital Group (LCG). More information on the London Capital Group and indeed how to open and account can be found by reading our London Capital Group review.

NOTE: If you are a WealthFX Member or a subscriber to both above signal services, we highly recommend that you do not trade both methods in one trading account. Both signal services are completely different in many ways including recommended risk per trade, money management rules etc. and therefore are not conducive to trading both in one account.

If you would like access to both signal services at a discounted price alongside a host of other exclusive benefits, why not become a WealthFX Member today for just £297 per month. For more information and to become a member today click here.